Jun 8th 2023

Annual Medical Check-Ups in Colombia: Affordable Options for Foreigners

By Global Doctour

Annual Medical Check-Ups in Colombia: Affordable Options for Foreigners

Annual Medical Check-Ups in Colombia: Affordable Options for Foreigners

Early detection of health issues is crucial for everyone's well-being. However, annual medical exams can be expensive in some countries, making it difficult to access them. If you're a foreigner seeking affordable medical examinations that may be too expensive in your home country, look no further than Colombia.

In Colombia you can find affordable annual medical exams for foreigners who want to combine their medical check-ups with a relaxing vacation. Enjoy your vacation while taking care of your health and take advantage of their world-class medical services at a fraction of the cost.

Discover all-inclusive healthcare packages with Global Doctour

Global Doctour simplifies the process of accessing healthcare services by providing comprehensive packages that cover all lab exams, diagnostic images, and appointments with our experienced practitioners. Leave the stress of medical exams behind, knowing you're receiving top-quality care from the best team of medical professionals in Colombia.

What is included in the general medical checkup?

  • Laboratory Tests: such as Uric acid, Ureic nitrogen, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, Total cholesterol, Coprological, Creatinine, Blood count, Ferritin, Alkaline phosphate, Gamma glutamyl transferase, Glycemia, Glycosylated hemoglobin, Treponema pallidum serology, Ultrasensitive TSH, Aspartate aminotransferase, Alanine aminotransferase, Triglycerides, Urinalysis, Thin layer cytology (for woman), Ultra-sensitive prostate specific antigen - (For men).
  • Additional tests: More advanced tests such as total abdominal ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound, breast ultrasound (for woman), transvaginal gynecological pelvic ultrasound (for woman), mammography (for woman), and an electrocardiogram.
  • Doctor appointment: When visiting your doctor for a general check-up, several steps will be taken to ensure you are in good health.
    • Medical History: The doctor will inquire about your medical history during the check-up and address any concerns you may have, especially related to conditions like diabetes, cancer, stroke or heart disease.
    • Physical Examination: The doctor will conduct a brief or comprehensive physical examination, which will include measuring your blood pressure, weight, and height. They may also examine your ears, eyes, and throat for signs of disease.

If you require specialized medical services like endoscopic examinations, CT scans or ultrasound scans, we can arrange them for you in Colombia. Additionally, we also offer dental services such as check-ups, cleanings, x-ray exams, and any other dental procedures you may require.

Annual Health Checkups for Women and Men in Colombia

At Global Doctour, we understand the vital importance of annual exams for women's gynecological health and men's overall wellness. Our allied team of experienced physicians includes dedicated specialists in gynecology, urology, and general medicine to provide the highest quality care for our patients. Whether you need to schedule a gynecologist or urologist appointment, or just a general health checkup, trust Global Doctour to provide personalized care tailored to your unique health needs.

Why have an annual medical check up in Colombia?

Having an annual medical check up in Colombia is important for ensuring overall good health and well-being. It helps to detect and diagnose any underlying health problems early on, which can be managed more effectively if detected quickly. The annual medical check up also helps to identify and address any emotional or psychological issues that the patient may be experiencing. All of these benefits make having an annual medical check up in Colombia essential for good health.

Additionally, you can save a lot of money on this check up because the services are much cheaper than in other countries. In Colombia you can get access to quality healthcare at a fraction of the price. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and contact us today to book your medical check up in Colombia.

Colombia offers tourists a diverse range of cultural experiences, entertainment options, and delicious cuisine. Come and discover all that our beautiful country has to offer.

What should you do before an Annual medical check up?

Before an annual medical check up, it is important to make a list of any health concerns you may have and discuss them with your doctor. It is also helpful to bring a list of any medications you are currently taking as well as any recent lab results or imaging tests you have had done. If possible, it is best to get organized ahead of time by making sure you have all the relevant documents and information ready for your appointment. Additionally, it is important to follow any instructions given by your doctor such as fasting or abstaining from certain foods prior to the appointment. Following these tips can help ensure that you get the most out of your annual medical check up in Colombia.

How much does an annual medical check up cost in Colombia?

The cost of an annual medical check up in Colombia can vary depending on the type and duration of the exam. Generally, basic exams such as blood work and other tests will cost around $100 to $200 USD. More comprehensive exams that include imaging scans and other more detailed tests may cost upwards of $400 to $600 USD. If you are interested in scheduling an annual medical check up in Colombia, contact us today and we can provide more detailed information about pricing.

Why Global Doctour?

At Globaldoctour, we offer an all-inclusive annual medical check up package for patients. Our comprehensive package includes a physical examination, lab tests and diagnostic images. We coordinate lodging, transportation, translator, and other travel details to make the experience as stress-free and convenient as possible. We understand that medical check ups can be stressful, so we work hard to ensure our patients have a positive experience from start to finish.

For more information about the medical check up packages offered in Colombia, please contact our customer service team at +57 305 4126116. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and give you more detailed information about our services.

Schedule your next check-up with your doctor to keep track of your health and well-being!