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About Us

Our double-sided marketplace provides potential patients with a comprehensive, reliable source for connecting to healthcare providers in Colombia. Our secure platform connects potential patients with thousands of pre-vetted healthcare providers.

To simplify the process further, the site also provides access to logistic partners that arrange lodging, transportation services and postoperative follow ups - ensuring an effortless journey towards recovery.

All payments are done securely through us while Global DocTour offer follow up support before & after recovery processes.

Global DocTour makes sure your medical journey is stress free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global DocTour?

Global DocTour is a medical tourism marketplace in Colombia that connects international patients with health professionals. In addition to medical services, we offer a comprehensive package of complementary services to make the medical tourism experience in Colombia a pleasant one. Thus, through our allies, after choosing the professional, we offer everything from hotels and nurses for the recovery stage, to translators and guided tours for greater convenience, all in one place.

How does Global DocTour work?

We connect patients from abroad with health professionals in Colombia. By entering our platform and indicating your desired procedure, as well as the city of preference, you will have access to our database of clinics and doctors, and a initial quote. After paying and attending the virtual appointment for a more detailed assessment, the professional will issue a final quote and offer tentative dates for the required procedure, in order for the patient to schedule their visit and include additional services such as accommodation, laboratory tests, physiotherapy, transportation, translation services, among others, making access to quality medical care in Colombia easier than ever.

What are the benefits of using Global DocTour?

Our platform offers:

  1. Quality and safety: you will only find the services of qualified and experienced doctors and health professionals.
  2. Ease: with just a few clicks you will be able to access a basic quote, schedule an appointment and plan your medical tourism trip.
  3. Variety: You will have access to a wide catalog of medical, aesthetic and dental treatments and procedures.
  4. Accompaniment: We offer you support before, during and after your trip.
  5. Competitive prices: we have alliances with health providers offering competitive prices.
  6. Immediate service: we have a real-time quote where you can quickly find out the approximate costs.